Brave Heart's Protection Team coordinates protection response including; Gender- based Violence (GBV) and Child Protection with Legal Service and Psychosocial Support.

We aim at addressing effective prevention as well as risk reduction strategies specific to GBV to increase service provision, promote a safer environment for girls, boys, women and men. Using community care coalition model, Brave Hearts works with existing community structures to identify, design and implement programs that address community needs. We empower communities through raising awareness and strengthen the capacity of community structures to address Gender Based Violence, Child Protection, Access to Legal Services and Community Based Protection in humanitarian and Emergency Setting Our protection interventions are largely aimed at equal access to and enjoyment of rights by persons of concern, in accordance with the relevant bodies of law, including; international humanitarian, human rights and refugee law. Special attention is also given to specific rights of the elderly and persons with disabilities.  

We empower Communities to hold duty bearers accountable for effective service delivery as well as fostering peaceful co-existence strategies within refugees and host communities through strengthening the capacity of peaceful conflict management and resolution in communities.