Project Name: Building Resilient Communities for Child Safety

Location: Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement- Kamwenge District

Project Goal:  Improving responsiveness of all stakeholders (child, family, community and institutions) to address child abuse and increase children’s rights and prevention awareness in refugees and host communities


  • Specialized psychosocial support for vulnerable children
  • Strengthening the community based protective environment through community care coalition model
  • Awareness creation in different communities on child abuse, good parenting, child neglect, impacts of COVID 19 and child exploitation
  • Strengthening child participation through participatory approach especially with adolescents, youth and parents.
  • Linking children into transition to adulthood for appropriate support, support to alternative care arrangements, building resilience among adolescent girls and ensuring adequate need-based support to identified child protection cases
  • Supported 500 vulnerable adolescent children in school and out of school with essential non-food items
  • Support community dialogues to develop and implement Community Action Plans on arising child protection issues in Refugee and the host community.

Project Name:  Briquettes for Development

Project Goal: To reduce deforestation by promoting the use of briquettes made from waste products

Location: Rwamwanja Refugee settlement and the host community

Focus of the project: The project focuses on 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) to protect and manage the environment through making Briquettes using bio-degradable wastes to provide an alternative source to fuel.


  • Empowering women, men and youth with skills on how to protect the environment through the 3Rs strategy that is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Train groups on how to make briquettes using hands and machines and in the construction of energy saving stoves using wastes materials such as maize cobs, beans husks, anthill soil, groundnut husks, cow dung and saw dust.
  • Support groups with manual machines to ensure quality and quantity briquettes for domestic and commercial use thus improving on their livelihoods and standards of living.
  • Community sensitization meetings conducted aimed at increasing community awareness on environmental protection and also increase on adaptation of energy efficient as alternative technologies both in the settlement and host communities.
  • Support households with wood and fruit tree seedlings for planting at household level.