About Us

Brave Hearts Foundation is an established national nonprofit organization that empowers communities to reach their full potential. We believe people can—and should—be lifted out of the cycle of poverty by helping them help themselves. Through years of experience, we have found that the most sustainable way to help people help themselves is to strengthen existing structures and transform them into livable communities where people can thrive. This approach empowers individuals and empowers households. It’s transforming. It’s measurable. It’s proven. It’s scalable. And it’s the right thing to do. Our team is dedicated to z, promoting justice and human rights. Through community empowerment, building resilience and self-reliance, Brave Hearts is committed to strengthening people's capacity and competence to positively impact their lives. Since our establishment in 2018, our focus has been in programs supporting disadvantaged communities, Refugees, Protection, sustainable livelihoods, community empowerment, human rights, environment protection and Emergency response. Our Mission "To help individuals and Communities discover their potential to provide local solutions for local problems..."

Our Vision
Building Resilient Communities empowered to improve their own livelihood through appropriate and affordable alternatives.

Core Values